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BMW Shiftlight Retrofit Kit for DCT Clusters

BMW Shiftlight Retrofit Kit for DCT Clusters

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You own a M3 cluster but your shiftlight LEDs don't work? Let's revive them and illuminate your driving experience!

Discover the benefits of our kit:

This kit enables activation of your shiftlight LED functionality, allowing you to bring them back to life.

When dealing with a non-M3 DCT vehicle, achieving OEM-like LED functionality without any hardware is simply unattainable.

Enter the game-changing solution: the world's first Plug and Play kit, highly anticipated and ready to revolutionize your driving experience!

And the greatest part? It works flawlessly with any type of engine!

Whether your car runs on diesel or gasoline, with 4, 6, or 8 cylinders, this kit offers a selection of 16 unique maps designed to cater to everyone's specific requirements.

In short:

- Activation of the LEDs as shiftpoint display like an M3!

- Gauge sweep upon startup

- Compact and unique case design

- 16 different maps (rpm-based behavior of the LEDs)

- Easy and quick installation

- Completely invisible once installed

- Reversible in case of sale

Important: You need a DCT Cluster beforehand, this kit does not include LEDs. We only deliver the kit to enable existing ones!

Info: If you own a DCT cluster that needs to be coded, have look at our cluster-coding service or write an inquiry directly at

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